Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thank you very much indeed. Scan away bitch. Foo wee.

I'm talented I am

Grab grab grab! They had this game down in the local park a few weeks ago when I had my pole dancing trash off. Needless to say I won hands down. Cleaned up the whole lot in fact. I do have a talent you see. Foo wee.

In my minds eye

I think I may take a trip back to the uk soon. I like to go and see my grandparents old house. In my mind I can still picture it so clearly, see above picture. I keep in touch with the old dear next door as a way to maintain some form of contact as I really can't stand relationships to end. I do cling on somewhat. We'll have to see what the aeroplane fairy brings me. Foo wee.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Single gal

Technically I'm single now which is the up side to Tosco going away. While the cats away, the mouse will... whine and cry. No, I couldn't cheat on him, it's taken me 38 years to find a bloke that wants me, for whatever reason, so I can't risk losing him. Good job Filandero is willing to take care of him for me while he's away. Foo wee.

Cling on

My world has fallen apart. My beloved has gone off to Thailand to stay with Filandero. He has gone to look at our boat and I can't cope. I am pathetic on my own, worse I will continue to whinge about it on here. I can't live without a man, waaaaaaaaaaa. I have always gone on about how in the past I could live quite happily on my own, but this proves I have changed and become a weedy whiney cow. I am now very needy and very clingy. I bet Tosco couldn't wait for a break from me in truth, but still, he covers up well. What a man has to do to earn a living. Foo wee.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Special friends

In my bid to be able to use my new cash grabber with more ease, I am going to go to this place next Thursday. The woman in the picture is the wife of a taxi driver I know. They go to Rolling Hills every Thursday and one week they won the jackpot which was about $60 000. Needless to say I have been using his taxi ever since (not leaving a tip mind you) and he comes to all my bbq's. The are my special friends. Foo wee.

Money Grabber

This little invention is called a money grabber. I wish I was the inventor of the item, as I would have more cash to grab at. Foo wee.

Don't call me mellow yellooooooww

Mellowing... me .... never. Bring it on bitch. No actually halt that thought! Maybe you're right, maybe we should be friends. We could travel and visit each other, I could visit your flat in South Africa, we could visit on the boat, we could take you out on the town. I'm so excited now, I can't wait, when can we come and see you? I'll be a bit busy through July and August, but how about September?

Thief ! Stop thief! !!!

I am outraged. My estranged half wit sister has been posting photo's which include my belongings. I don't know how she got hold of them, but I want them back! See this photo above, well, to the right you will see my old exercise bike, looks as though it's been trashed. And to the left are two boxes I distinctly remember being in my dads garage. When she left she must have taken them with her! The absolute cheek of it, those were my things which I treasured (can't remember what was in them but I'm sure I treasured them). Pah, I want them back bitch. Foo wee.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Big Brothers Italian Stallion

Roberto was born and raised in Italy, but has lived in Liverpool for nine years. In 1996 he reached the final of the "Most Handsome Man in Italy" competition. He grudgingly admits to being "an excellent package with few faults". Roberto fears the others will find him over-confident. Foo wee.

Hot hot hot

It's a hot day and everyone is laying around chilling out. It's hard work for the dumb animals here, and I don't like hard work. Foo wee.

Big Brother is watching you

Big Brother UK commenced last night with quite the selection of characters. It must be a funny feeling having your life viewed and criticized by the world. I mean they even give up the right to toilet privacy. Who would want the world knowing your toilet habits? Foo wee.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Just for you

Here is an unblemished picture that I just know you will want to save, print and frame. Now don't say I never do anything for you! Foo wee.

Lulu, she's an air head

This is Lulu. She is like me, a big pumped up load of fluff. Foo wee.

The finger

Foo wee.

Sad bitch

I'm so sad today. My evil sister continues to taunt me, woe is me. I still say I should have had 100% of the possessions that were my mothers and graaaaaaaampys when they died. I don't see why anyone else should be entitled to anything. I was the only one that loved them you know. I was the only one. Foo wee.

Pretty woman

This is a picture of a beautiful woman, don't you think? However, smoking does detract from the looks of a lady. Such a disgusting habit and not really very feminine. Still, she really is a pretty lady. Foo wee.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Analyze this

Maybe I should go for therapy. I could do with an hours lie down in an afternoon a couple of times a week. Hey, I could make a new friend. Therapists like bbq's, right? Man... trapped in a room... asking about my life. Yipee, someone else to tell my victims life story to. Foo wee.

I am sooo offended!

I am thoroughly disgusted that someone could come onto my soulful website and make such awful comments. See that face, thats my disgusted face that is, just for you. You are unbelievable. How dare you remark on me. I am great. I am untouchable. I am always right and anyone who disagrees must be sick, delusional, jealous or mad. Foo wee.

Absolutely beastly

I feel like I'm being watched all the time. Will you leave me alone, this is MY blog site, not for you and your freakish delusional eyes! Pah! Go stalk someone else loser. Foo wee.


I've been practicing my underwater pooing techniques. A lesson I learnt today was not to shit underwater whilst snorkling, especially whilst you have diarrhea. Oh yes, and you should take your pants off too. Foo wee.

Whats in it for him?

He he he. Foo wee.

You never can tell

I went for a walk in the park today. It was a lovely day so I decided to take a picnic of cabbage and noodles. I met a couple in the park pictured above who seemed friendly enough. We had a chat and on departing I took their picture, as I do with everyone I have a conversation with, to show I do actually have a life. After they had gone I noticed that my cutlery was missing from my picnic hamper. How rude!! It was only plastic as well. They seemed so nice, but it just goes to show you never can tell who are the type to take the towels from a hotel. Foo wee.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm dead popular

I have so many friends. Well, I say friends, more random people I meet and thrust my life story upon really. I can't help it, it just spews out. Taxi drivers are best for this as they have to listen and can't get away. Actually, I never thought about that before, no wonder so many of my best friends are taxi drivers! Foo wee.


Geez, I'm surprised my students stay awake long enough to take in the shit I pump out at them. To think I'm paid to talk bollocks! Well, at least I found a career to enhance my natural abilities. Foo wee.

Yes, you are

Foo wee


Anyone that criticises someone is jealous, pah, what a cliche. Foo wee.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh lord! Could I have found a better book??? I'll be purchasing a copy as soon as the sun is up.  Posted by Hello

Foo wee.  Posted by Hello

Please make it stop

I am begging myself to stop now. My guts are hurting from all the wretching. I will have to start being obnoxious again, I can't stand it. Living a fucking dream my arse! Foo wee.

Be a twat!

he he he Foo wee.

Self Explanatory

Pass the bucket

I think my first blogging name was more suited to me, Fishisfullofcrap. Yes, I am. Sometimes I blather on so much I make myself feel like puking. It's sickening, I know that, but I just can't help it. You see I have to share with the world how wonderful my life is right now. Many may say those who are truly fulfilled would not need to share it with the world, but I am on the verge of a dream, a wonderful halo shines all around me and I feel like I am floating. I have a boyfriend that doesn't want to marry me, well not until next year when things are... settled. I am giving up my life to live on a boat, the butterflies in my tummy just won't go away... oh hang on, I think that might be from the cabbage and sprouts I had for lunch. Anyway, I have a dream and my dream is coming true. I think being at sea is the best place for me, I have no family ties, no job ties (or won't have) and no kids. Just me, the gigolo and the boat. I feel a warm glow all the time it's positively... eerrgghhhhhhhh Foo wee.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Musky mac

Thank goodness we are moving out of the rainy part of the year. I need my sunshine. One has to be prepared for the rain over here. I have an old musky raincoat I use for such occasions. Armed with my raincoat and thick socks, I usually stay pretty dry. Of course, my high quality umbrella helps. Foo wee.

Ssssshhhhh Posted by Hello

Ssshhhhhhh Posted by Hello

Good fortune

Well after the hoover disaster there is at least some good news today. We have a stamp collectors fayre coming to town in a few days. This is excellent news as I have a few albums I need to flog. Not sure if I should mention the source of them because I don't think anyone noticed that I lifted them. Anyhow, I am going to get them valued and see if any of the collectors want to buy them. Oh glee, more dosh coming in! Foo wee.


Darn it!! My hoover has just packed up. I really need it as well to keep on top of the cat hair. It's a good job I have a relative who has one going for free. Can't remember where she got it, think it was a garage sale or something. Foo wee.

Full Moon Shining

When we have a full moon in these parts it's so beautiful, however, strange things do happen. I always get a tingley feeling when there's a full moon. Foo wee.

I admit it

Oh dear oh dear, I cannot hide it any longer, my secret is out. I have fallen. I love greed, I love sin, I love adultery. Oh whatever will happen to me in my next life? Maybe I'll come back as a clam. Foo wee.