Monday, August 29, 2005

She's at it again!

You want to be careful fish face, you'll get done for slander you know.

Re: Whats your most useful sailing discovery this season?

Maria "Thank my ex boyfriend was a wanker who stole my boat and my dream."

I'd wager she was pissed when this was written as it doesn't even make sense. Writing nasty comments when drunk, how like your mother is that. Foo wee.

Oh dear

I will bless some of the readers who don't frequent the yachting forums with some rather harsh words you may have been missing out on.

Maria - I am no longer the owner of the beautiful ferro boat in Mexico. What an end to a story that had so much potential. Gah! I knew it would end in grief with frigging parents of ex on damn boat at beginning of dream.
Oh well, at least I learned some things about sailing.
I{m now alone in Mexico.
Family money stinks."

There were many responses including one which referred to her growing up, but this had to be the best by Stingo, granted he seems like a twat, but this was hilarious non the less

"Francesco does not come with good references. He "worked" for a forumite and completed very few of his daily chores, but you cannot tell a lady that is in love that she loves a loser.

Perhaps is mother was right when she set his goals at being a postal worker."

Thats harsh, but she responds - It's a bit mean to bring up his Namibia experience. He worked hard over there and was a determined and committed additioin to Fifi's boat. Anyway, when I swam through the filth this morning to the boat, gross it was, and met F, he still thinks that I should have 'coped' with his parents and they basically think I am crazy. Maybe I am but they should give me a bit of space and understanding. Not everybody can 'cope' in such circumstances at what was the beginning of our dream. Oh, god, there's no point in my life now.

So they think you are crazy huh? Strange that, I wonder what could have given them that idea. Yet still the nameless and faceless people of the blogging world believe it is all Tosco's fault and she is completely innocent. It seems it will take you all a lifetime to see the truth. Wake up guys, she's a nutter! Foo wee.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Silly boy

Oh Tosco, I thought you had more sense! Nevermind, the fact that you have made her stay in the 'scary' hotel is good, shows you're still in control. You'd better try to forgive her for all the awful things she wrote about you and your parents, then again, maybe you were lucky and missed them before they were deleted. Hopefully sense will find you soon. Foo wee.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Two Faces

As I have two faces, I thought I would share my nasty vile one with you again. I can act all sweetness and light but when the real me comes up, well, it can be very dangerous. I recently wrote a post on my blog then deleted it because I didn't want Tosco to see what i really thought. It went something like this...

The relationship between F and myself is over.
The boat is no longer mine.
I borrowed 20k from Fs parents. Borrowed. But they see it as being their boat now.
So I am now in a cheap hostel. Alone in Mexico.
My dream to sail around the world on Grey Dawn is over. All that effort over the past few months. All the saving I did for the two of us to make this dream come true. All those frigging meatballs. The flights to Italy, Mexico and Mexico again. The drill and a hell of alot of other stuff that I bought for the boat. Believing in him to make this dream come true when all his mother had ever done was think him only good enough for working in a post office. A parasite on my effort to make this dream come true.
Fact. I made this dream come true. With my hardearned money.
Now a rich family have taken this away from me. I believed in this. Not his frigging mother.
Why did this happen?
Well, I couldn{t stand being on a boat with his parents for my entire vacation so obviously I wasn{t a bundle of joy.
I tried to kill myself twice but a} the fish gutting knife was too blunt and b} F caught me before I threw myself overboard.
I told F that we wouldn{t last if his parents came onboard at the beginning of this fucking dream.
I warned him. But no, emotional blackmail about his dad being old and wanting to share in his son{s dream and all that crap...and so I{m the wicked witch of the Far East again.
Still, life goes on.
Dang! Wish I could get an earlier flight back to Japan. I will head up to LA tomorrow and get on standby for the first flight out.
Well, here{s to a new life without my boat.
Ja ne.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Your predictable shit

Ok, this is all very predictable.

Your true personality, which I have warned Tosco about, finally reveals itself. He has an argument with you. you behave very rudely and are vile to his family. He has enough of you. You leave after a huge row and theatrical performance. You then sulk. You slander and degrade his family and him, but then remove the evidence from your blog. You then decide he must have you back and you try to convince him you are nice really, that wasn't the real you. You make a big gesture hoping that will make him forget your other behaviour.

Oh, I can't be bothered to list the rest. It's so predictable. I even said this afternoon that you'd be like a pendulum with him, you love him you hate him. I just hope he has the sense not to take you back for his own sake.

If he does knock you back, and lets face it, he has what he really wanted, then the e-mails will start. First the pitiful longing to be with you type e-mails, then when you realise he won't have you back, they will turn into nasty and hateful e-mails. Only then will he see your true colours. I do hope he has some sense and gets away from you. Foo wee.

Go Darth

So you're going to put the blame for all this onto someone else huh? Very expected I have to say. It couldn't have possibly been the fact that (apart from being quite mad) you are an arrogant shit? No, I guess it wouldn't. You have a real ability to alienate people and act in such a nasty way when people don't do your bidding I'm surprised it lasted so long on the boat. I feel sorry for Tosco and his parents, it couldn't have been easy to live with you seeing the real person come out. At least he had sense enough to engineer it in a way that meant he got to keep the boat. Well done Tosco, not so daft afterall. Foo wee.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

You failed suicide twice... really? I got excited for a minute thinking I may have been a step closer to my inheritance. However, not so exciting as i won't have a boat to inherit now. Well, I don't like to say I told you so... but I told you so! You wouldn't be able to last in a relationship with anyone other than yourself because you're too damn selfish. Yet another failure to add to the list. So aren't you going to dish the dirt then, what about the blazing rows, threats, screaming, tears and name calling that usually go along with your arguments?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to me, Happy BIrthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Beee eaaasssttttt, Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lets set the record straight...

Alright, alright, I'm saw wee. I would like to publicly and grandly apologise. I'm sorry, sorry sorry sorry damn it. I feel terrible for all the awful and terrible things I said and for misleading my flock of followers. I would like to set the record straight. I would like to publicly say that you should ignore all the crap I have written about my will. Of course I am leaving it all to my sister, who, although I can't admit it face to face, well I'm jealous of her. She stands to get it all, the money, the property and if Tosco agrees, she can have him as well. Sorry for any misleading statements I have may have made elsewhere. Foo wee.

Men in thongs

It's just wrong. Thongs are for woman, and to quote a man that makes me laugh, they make men look like gayLORDS! Foo wee.