Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hoorah! At long last I feel the nightmare is beginning to come to an end. I can exclusively reveal I have found my female saviour. She is a female skipper called Pippa and she is currently in negations with me about skippering my boat in March. She is absolutely fabulous. She has been a skipper for about 36 years, so well experienced in all waters. We have been e-mailing for a few days now and I feel we have a deep connection already. We have really bonded and I feel she will be great for me and my wonderful boat Abigpileof Crap. She sent me a picture only last night actually and she is not quite what I expected, but none the less, her credentials are great. She is about a size 22, has short cropped brown hair and a rather manly style of dress. I am so glad we will be sailing together, all girls together and all that jazz. Seems she hasn't had a boyfriend in years, so we'll be soulmates in that department I can assure you. She seems so keen I can't tell you. Particularly on seeing pictures of me and the sleeping quarters. I've assured her comfort, so I can only hope she comes on board with me, to make my dreams come true. Foo wee, and 3 cheers for Pippa the skipper.


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