Monday, September 26, 2005

Two faced cow's udder

I wonder why I can be so openly rude and nasty when commenting on someone elses site, that most of my fans don't visit, whereas I won't dare to do it on my site. Maybe it's because I don't want my real personality to seep through?

Some examples from are

There's one thing about Finn. He ain't fat like his mother!Maria Homepage 09.26.05 - 3:06 pm #

Where's she gone? Running scared. Hey, Candi, you should see what she said about you on her son's blog. Imagine in the future when Thin learns how to read and he'll come across the vile language of his mother and think, dang, and she calls herself a mother!Maria Homepage 09.26.05 - 4:00 pm #

She's bonkers!Ooh! I don't deserve it! OOOH! My life will be so lacking without Thin in my life and his Fat Mom.Maria Homepage 09.26.05 - 5:58 pm #

Talk about 2 sides to a personality! Foo wee.


Blogger RisingSlowly said...

Woah, thats trashy.
The Beast

Why wasn't bitch in capitals as well? Believe me Candi, I felt close enough to your ass to have kissed it.
The Beast

Yeah, just imagine! Bit like your kids crazi.
The Beast

Oh, except I've never been in jail.
The Beast

It's nothing to do with you crazi, I don't want fish face to know anything about my son because she doesn't deserve it. He's way to good for the likes of her.
The Beast

Geez there are limits. He looks a bit 'special', don't get off looking at 'special' men.
The Beast

Aww, come on! Give your huge readership the complete story! I wasn't the one who went to Candi's blog to be a bitch. You were.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Wonkey donkey said...

Well how could anyone deny putting pictures of your first shagfest with someone on the internet isn't trashy? It's well sad.

Also, if you think back, Candi was the one who started coming to my blog having a go at me because she decided that you were an ali for some bizarre reason. I check in on the freaky bitch from time to time, and felt the need to tell her that her display of skin was trashy. If she doesn't like it, then she shouldn't have come here on the blog starting with me many moons ago. What goes around comes around.

And your point about it being two sided makes no sense. I don't care what your 'readers' think of me, whereas you live your life by what they say. If I was bothered about them seeing what I wrote I wouldn't have linked the site now would I?

You are the one that tries to appear to be something she is not, not me.

6:49 AM  

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