Saturday, October 29, 2005

He's behind you

It's a good job we're in pantomime season because the Fishy blog is fitting right in. We have the full cast list now, the poor hard done to cinderella with no family to love her and a love who has left her, the evil half sister who mocks her, the evil uncle who secretly plots her downfall, the evil aunt who has plotted against her all her life and is now relishing in her misery, the absent father, the deceased mother and grandfather who visit her in her dreams and encourage her in her trip round the world on a boat.

Baarrfffff, give me a brake. This is all so far from real life it's hilarious. The fish blog is like a badly written story waiting to be rescued, not to mention boring and repetitive. Please, get a life and stop talking about anchors, sails and fucking bread making! Foo wee.


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