Friday, October 21, 2005

Man, I get worse!

Not only do I go out on the town and act like the village bike, but I hook up with a blogging fan that looks like a cross between Bob Geldof and Tom Selleck. Still, the Bob part of him may be weak enough to afford me some charity for a quick shag.

Take a close look at my photo, look at my aged hands. Not the hands of a worker, but the hands of an aging woman. A lonely aging woman. Also, look at the lack of cleavage. I think I should take some of my small £60 000 inheritance and invest in a boob job. Maybe I'd keep a man who didn't look like a gypsy king then. Ah, no, thats forgetting I have a personality problem, well, actually, I'm mad. Foo cuckoo wee.


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