Friday, October 28, 2005

Talk about up your own arse

"Used to be a weekend smoker myself until the day that I found out I had a tumor. I gave up in a flash so quick you couldn't even see the flash. Made me feel ashamed for having put myself at known risk, coz we all know it ain't good for us. It's okay for thick bastards to smoke, they have a reason, being thick, but for us educated folks, well, we ain't got no excuse and well, I gave up. Just like that."

Have you ever heard the likes of that? Us educated folks? Thick bastards? I think someone is a little confused, but theres nothing new there. Who exactly are 'us educated folks' and who deemed her appointer of thick people?

We? Trying to create a bond with readers to make them think only the educated read her blog? That is such a telling paragraph, as it portrays how she views herself and others. She is above others simply because she went to University maybe, or because she works in education, even though she is not a qualified teacher? People are thick because they don't agree with her or do what she does? What a self important, judgmental condescending old bat she is. Foo wee.


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