Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Living In the Past

Whoa, we're half way there

Or something like that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I need some adventure

You know what guys, I feel the need for some adventure. White water rapids? Extreme canoeing? Rock climbing? Nope, not for me. I know exactly what I want. I want to find a boat and join the crew. My ideal boat would be a good sterdy old one with character, maybe a ferro. Most importantly I would be looking for the owner to be inexperienced in sailing so I have to do all the work. She would be impetuous and bad tempered when I tried to teach her and selfish in all aspects of activiites, food and relaxation.

I envisage she would be on the verge of a nervous breakdown with psycotic episodes on a daily basis. Even better, I think she would need to be bipolar and in need of medication. That way, if she ran out whilst at sea, we could be assured some good entertainment. I imagine she would be really needy and cling to me at one point in the day, and threatening to throw me overboard the next moment.

Yes, what an adventure that would be. Could a sailor ever be so lucky to find such a person. If you did, how could you ever pass up the opportunity to spend close one on one time with them at sea? Yes, you'd have to be really crazy to pass that up folks. If you hav any suggestions where I may find such an adventure please feel free to tell me.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

An Open letter [hic] to my ex

I write to you, not for a response, [for your email is blocked and I do not wish to hear from you] but merely, should you read me, to ask you to think about why you left a woman who was your dream; if indeed your dream was to sail the Seven Seas with love and with your own guile and adventure. I cannot believe that we met and we disintergrated. That the interference of your family doomed us. For I was your dream. Our paths were the same. Same phone numbers. Same cats. Same mother/gf names/ same feelings within dreams/ same friend[contact Tom] and yet, wham bam, over. because of shit.I think you found and lost your soulmate. Really.Unless, that is, you were not serious about being a sailor. If, in fact, your current frolic with the sea, is merely a way to make yourself feel more interesting, more important.What do you really seek? To sail the seas? Really?Or are you trying to fill a void that your own mistakes created for yourself? Oh, how I wish I was low enough to welcome you back into my life, but you know something, it is I who is the real 'renegade', it is I who is true to the sea and to my idea of love. Look closely at yourself, my darling, you but hop aboard other's dreams. I was willing to have you share a dream. You forsook me over your parents. And I loved you.I loved you truly and I but want you to realise and know that you won't ever find another woman like me. Never. Unless you were a liar about your dreams. Which, I think, you are.You are no more a sailor, than I was meant to be a lifetime teacher.
Ja ne, my darling

Sunday, November 20, 2005

An Important Announcement

Something really exciting happened today. We're arranged a date next year to celebrate the passing of a wonderful old git. February 14th falls on a Tuesday next year, so to mark the 2 year anniversary of his passing we are going to all meet up at an uncles house in the countryside. When I say we, I am still waiting for an invite but I'm sure it's just lost in the post. Both uncles, aunts and all the cousins will be there to have a winter garden party, then at the time of his passing we are going to have a little dance in the area his ashes were scattered, well some of them anyway. One of my cousins used some of her cash recently gained (a couple of months ago I think) to get a kick ass dj set up. The party will be so much fun.

The only bad thing about this, well two bad things actually, are that I am not in the UK, so it will be a bit hard to go WHEN I get my invite, and also that my evil estranged half sister will be going with her family. I bet she's only going there because it's going to be a big party with loads of booze and food and she wants to share in the riches he left the family.

As a bonus, I have heard that the evil one will be meeting up with Felicity, my other sister and taking her along to get better aquainted with all the family. It will be so nice to evenually meet her and see that she looks nothing like me and is actually sane. Foo wee.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Theres something about Jim

Theres something that keeps ringing a bell to me about Jim. I know that name and I feel there is a link somewhere with him in the family. I say Jim old chap, you didn't happen to have had an old aunt who liked to wear dirty old macs did you? Foo wee.

Upping the stakes

It's time to rake in some more money. I have shares that I need to increase the value of. Now I am a lonely spinster I need to provide for my old age alone. If I advertise the companies I have shares in, maybe I can make a difference, I do have a lot of fans and admirers you know. If I ask nicely, maybe they will all go and purchase Christmas gifts and socks, slippers etc from one of my stores in order to influence popularity and share prices. Would you? Go on, have a look, you know you want to.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Jim's in the dog house

Jim,That blog that you find so *funny* has given me nearly a year of distress. It is full of lies and vile accusations based on nothing but the insane ramblings of a woman who feels slighted for having missed out on benefiting from our grandfather's will; and for VERY good reasons.Having her putrid blog out there that continues to defame me and advertise MY property and lie about me is something that I am trying to stop with the blogging powers that be.For you to find it funny might suggest that you are bored.May I suggest you read her blog in the future and cease from coming here. She steals all my writings, as it is, so you will not be missing anything.Maria Homepage 11.12.05 - 5:39 am #

Ha ha ha, poor Jim. Sorry about that mate! I'll try not to amuse you in future. Strange how all the family find it funny and amusing except her, wonder why? Maybe the sense of humour in our family skipped her. Foo wee.

The penny drops

"As my ex calls me crazy and the bitter estranged half-sister calls me crazy[although she hasn't been in my life since she was 8 years old], I've started to wonder if indeed I am a stark, raving loon. Is this why I'm still single? Na! The only reason I haven't met anybody is because I've kept myself hidden away in no-time-for-love land Japan. But could I still be as crazy as that fetid lump of half-my-genes makes out? Could I? Am I? It got me to thinking about how I grew up and well, I pretty much did it on my tod. Nobody told me about *life* or gave me cuddles or acted like they really loved me; not even my mother. Blah Blah Blah lots of self pity.....A deranged woman who destroys all she touches.Ja ne.

posted by Anchored at 11:32 AM

At last, the penny drops. Now all you have to do is stop blaming your insanity on other people and take some responsibility for your own actions. Foo weeeee.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm so accurate

Over two and a half months ago I posted;

"When you leave you will get streams of e-mails some nice, some evil, but the best thing to do will be to ignore them. As you now know, attention matters, a lot. "

How right was I? In a recent post fish trap said;

"During that time I was all over the place and I sent a string of e-mails to that Italian bastard telling him how much I'd loved him, copy and pasting past declarations of love between us[and recipes for Italian meatballs], and yes, a few were bitchy ones saying that I was glad he'd left me coz I wasn't impressed with him telling mutual friends that I was 'lazy, had no conscience, was a typical crazy Western woman, and was a drunk'. It seems to be a thing that runs in his family to accuse outsiders of being 'drunks'. So anyway, during my suicidal phase I sent around 90% "Woe" to him and 10% "Fuck You!".I got a reply back from him today. He told me that it was 'his life and his choice to move on'[fair enough] and that my up and down up and down e-mails to him but proved that I was emotionally unstable[doh, it was called being dumped]"

Talk about on the money. I am just glad he responded in the way he did, sending her lots of replies would have only fueled what is turning into hatred for him because he has rejected her.

In a recent comment she said;

Oh, but I keep sending him emails because I think we made a big mistake ending this dream.I cannot stop loving him. I want him to come back to me. I am a fool. I am broken. I'm going to bed.Maria 11.07.05 - 10:29 pm #

I feel so sorry for this guy. He is going to have her round his neck like a heavy weight for the next few months because she can't accept rejection and move on. At least he can just delete the e-mails if he chooses. She may be saying it's all hunky dory now, but believe me folks, this is so not the end of misery, whining and suicidal thoughts. Cry wolf, cry wolf little girl.

Bum fluff

In a recent post, an angered fish rants;

"Yes, she has actually convinced herself that she stands to gain from my demise. What a #$#t!"

Why of course dear lunatic. Someone sane in the family has to be there to take care of all your assets, and i don't mean your wrinkly hands.

Did y'all know that for years and years and years before the death of my grandfather, the evil half-sister and an evil uncle and aunt talked almost constantly about Grampy's will (not true)and how they thought I visited him and 'pretended' to love him just because I was after his money. That bit is true however, and is still thought across the whole family.

The fucking bastards, and I hope that that shit of an uncle reads my blog too because I still hate him for sending me that e-mail back in February ordering me to SHARE my inheritance with that bitch, the half-sister. I was away at the time at the temple in the snowy mountains of Takayama having slightly weird sex due to having quaffed copious amounts of sake at all the little sake havens in the machi, and when I woke up in the morning I had this e-mail waiting for me saying, 'SHARE or else! Out of respect for your mother[eh? she died donkeys years ago] we think you should give half your inheritance to the absent and totally estranged half sister."

Ha ha ha, bet that really pissed you off. Shame to ruin such a lovely holiday break too.

So yah, the evil uncle's encouragement to the evil half sister backfired on him coz she then put in a failed claim on the will which delayed the release of the money for 8 months.

Untrue. No claim was ever made on the estate. You were only made to think so. Check your facts.

Yes, I haven't said all I'd like to say to that bastard who calls himself 'family'.

I can vouch for the fact he does NOT call you family.

He's the guy who told my grandfather not to take me in when I was sick with cancer. He's the guy who said to Grampy, 'and I hope she cannot get the op done on the NHS and has to pay for it'

Too bloody right, I seconded that motion.

He didn't even like the half-sister; thought her a money grabber years ago when he realised that she only ever contacted him in the week before her birthday.

Partially true. I disliked him more than I think it possible for him to have disliked me, however, I didn't contact him before my birthday as I knew he was an arsehole that didn't want to know all of his family, only the ones that used him for his cash and house to stay in.

Gah! I loathe those people - sanctimonious, judgemental, bored gits.

We loathe you too.

I still haven't sent a letter to that awful uncle telling him just how ashamed I am to have him as family, and how his father would have been so disappointed in him.

I believe you have sent many nasty things in the post, one more really wouldn't be necessary as I'm sure he knows how unlucky he is that his sister happened to spawn a psycho little shit like you.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Give me strength!

"Bye Bye For Now

My love for you was real. I hate you for leaving meover nothing. Nothing is what it was. A few glitches.You gave me no time to be myself without the stress ofbuying boats and your family around us. You gave me nochance to show the love that you fell in love with.I never lied to you.You lied to me.It is you who could not love."

How fucking melodramatic is that! How the hell can I be related to someone who is as bonkers as that? Mind you, to be fair mental health problems are not always easy to live with. I wish she'd get medication or something. Still, I still can't believe I'm related to that.

I have to say in Francesco's defense, he left because he saw the mental health problems and drink problems she had, not all the crap she keeps harping on about. He was just unlucky that he met a character on the net believed it, then found out it didn't exist. It was just my loony tune of a sister. Poor guy. Foo wee.