Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bum fluff

In a recent post, an angered fish rants;

"Yes, she has actually convinced herself that she stands to gain from my demise. What a #$#t!"

Why of course dear lunatic. Someone sane in the family has to be there to take care of all your assets, and i don't mean your wrinkly hands.

Did y'all know that for years and years and years before the death of my grandfather, the evil half-sister and an evil uncle and aunt talked almost constantly about Grampy's will (not true)and how they thought I visited him and 'pretended' to love him just because I was after his money. That bit is true however, and is still thought across the whole family.

The fucking bastards, and I hope that that shit of an uncle reads my blog too because I still hate him for sending me that e-mail back in February ordering me to SHARE my inheritance with that bitch, the half-sister. I was away at the time at the temple in the snowy mountains of Takayama having slightly weird sex due to having quaffed copious amounts of sake at all the little sake havens in the machi, and when I woke up in the morning I had this e-mail waiting for me saying, 'SHARE or else! Out of respect for your mother[eh? she died donkeys years ago] we think you should give half your inheritance to the absent and totally estranged half sister."

Ha ha ha, bet that really pissed you off. Shame to ruin such a lovely holiday break too.

So yah, the evil uncle's encouragement to the evil half sister backfired on him coz she then put in a failed claim on the will which delayed the release of the money for 8 months.

Untrue. No claim was ever made on the estate. You were only made to think so. Check your facts.

Yes, I haven't said all I'd like to say to that bastard who calls himself 'family'.

I can vouch for the fact he does NOT call you family.

He's the guy who told my grandfather not to take me in when I was sick with cancer. He's the guy who said to Grampy, 'and I hope she cannot get the op done on the NHS and has to pay for it'

Too bloody right, I seconded that motion.

He didn't even like the half-sister; thought her a money grabber years ago when he realised that she only ever contacted him in the week before her birthday.

Partially true. I disliked him more than I think it possible for him to have disliked me, however, I didn't contact him before my birthday as I knew he was an arsehole that didn't want to know all of his family, only the ones that used him for his cash and house to stay in.

Gah! I loathe those people - sanctimonious, judgemental, bored gits.

We loathe you too.

I still haven't sent a letter to that awful uncle telling him just how ashamed I am to have him as family, and how his father would have been so disappointed in him.

I believe you have sent many nasty things in the post, one more really wouldn't be necessary as I'm sure he knows how unlucky he is that his sister happened to spawn a psycho little shit like you.


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