Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Give me strength!

"Bye Bye For Now

My love for you was real. I hate you for leaving meover nothing. Nothing is what it was. A few glitches.You gave me no time to be myself without the stress ofbuying boats and your family around us. You gave me nochance to show the love that you fell in love with.I never lied to you.You lied to me.It is you who could not love."

How fucking melodramatic is that! How the hell can I be related to someone who is as bonkers as that? Mind you, to be fair mental health problems are not always easy to live with. I wish she'd get medication or something. Still, I still can't believe I'm related to that.

I have to say in Francesco's defense, he left because he saw the mental health problems and drink problems she had, not all the crap she keeps harping on about. He was just unlucky that he met a character on the net believed it, then found out it didn't exist. It was just my loony tune of a sister. Poor guy. Foo wee.


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