Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm so accurate

Over two and a half months ago I posted;

"When you leave you will get streams of e-mails some nice, some evil, but the best thing to do will be to ignore them. As you now know, attention matters, a lot. "

How right was I? In a recent post fish trap said;

"During that time I was all over the place and I sent a string of e-mails to that Italian bastard telling him how much I'd loved him, copy and pasting past declarations of love between us[and recipes for Italian meatballs], and yes, a few were bitchy ones saying that I was glad he'd left me coz I wasn't impressed with him telling mutual friends that I was 'lazy, had no conscience, was a typical crazy Western woman, and was a drunk'. It seems to be a thing that runs in his family to accuse outsiders of being 'drunks'. So anyway, during my suicidal phase I sent around 90% "Woe" to him and 10% "Fuck You!".I got a reply back from him today. He told me that it was 'his life and his choice to move on'[fair enough] and that my up and down up and down e-mails to him but proved that I was emotionally unstable[doh, it was called being dumped]"

Talk about on the money. I am just glad he responded in the way he did, sending her lots of replies would have only fueled what is turning into hatred for him because he has rejected her.

In a recent comment she said;

Oh, but I keep sending him emails because I think we made a big mistake ending this dream.I cannot stop loving him. I want him to come back to me. I am a fool. I am broken. I'm going to bed.Maria 11.07.05 - 10:29 pm #

I feel so sorry for this guy. He is going to have her round his neck like a heavy weight for the next few months because she can't accept rejection and move on. At least he can just delete the e-mails if he chooses. She may be saying it's all hunky dory now, but believe me folks, this is so not the end of misery, whining and suicidal thoughts. Cry wolf, cry wolf little girl.


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