Sunday, November 20, 2005

An Important Announcement

Something really exciting happened today. We're arranged a date next year to celebrate the passing of a wonderful old git. February 14th falls on a Tuesday next year, so to mark the 2 year anniversary of his passing we are going to all meet up at an uncles house in the countryside. When I say we, I am still waiting for an invite but I'm sure it's just lost in the post. Both uncles, aunts and all the cousins will be there to have a winter garden party, then at the time of his passing we are going to have a little dance in the area his ashes were scattered, well some of them anyway. One of my cousins used some of her cash recently gained (a couple of months ago I think) to get a kick ass dj set up. The party will be so much fun.

The only bad thing about this, well two bad things actually, are that I am not in the UK, so it will be a bit hard to go WHEN I get my invite, and also that my evil estranged half sister will be going with her family. I bet she's only going there because it's going to be a big party with loads of booze and food and she wants to share in the riches he left the family.

As a bonus, I have heard that the evil one will be meeting up with Felicity, my other sister and taking her along to get better aquainted with all the family. It will be so nice to evenually meet her and see that she looks nothing like me and is actually sane. Foo wee.


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