Friday, November 11, 2005

Jim's in the dog house

Jim,That blog that you find so *funny* has given me nearly a year of distress. It is full of lies and vile accusations based on nothing but the insane ramblings of a woman who feels slighted for having missed out on benefiting from our grandfather's will; and for VERY good reasons.Having her putrid blog out there that continues to defame me and advertise MY property and lie about me is something that I am trying to stop with the blogging powers that be.For you to find it funny might suggest that you are bored.May I suggest you read her blog in the future and cease from coming here. She steals all my writings, as it is, so you will not be missing anything.Maria Homepage 11.12.05 - 5:39 am #

Ha ha ha, poor Jim. Sorry about that mate! I'll try not to amuse you in future. Strange how all the family find it funny and amusing except her, wonder why? Maybe the sense of humour in our family skipped her. Foo wee.


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