Sunday, December 18, 2005

Whacko Bead

Well it seems no-one has been commenting on my blog so I will have to pretend I am suicidal again so I get loads of attention. You all should feel really sorry for me, really you should. I will not however, tell you about all the nasty e-mails and letters I am sending all over the world because a sensible man walked away from a crazy loon.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bye bye for now

How many times have we all heard the 'bye bye, I'm not blogging anymore' posts? So tiresome. Well, lets all see how long this blogging fast will last for this time. I may even start a book on it. Roll up, roll up guys, how many hours will she go without blogging? Answers in a comment below please.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

He's vicious, he's insightful, he's.....

You rock, you also suck, but at the moment I'll stick with rock!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some advice

Life Does Not Appeal To Me Anymore
What is this thing called love that but destroys thespirit? To have loved so deeply and to have lost, andall because I was a defective human, I truly am sorryfor losing what was a gift, a true gift. How can Isurvive having found you and then lost you due to mystupidity. I bashed my head against the same walls youhave met in your past; I went crazy over my love foryou; I desired you so much that it killed us; it wasthis stupidity, this inane inability to be normal andin love, instead of madly in love, that has killed me.I try to survive by telling myself that you were adrifter and that I was just another experience on yourown road of life, and that you had no intention ofloving me forever, but then, even thoughI try to tell myself that you were not a good man forthe long run, I still cannot but help recall our veryclose moments together. Can you not remember them?Will you come back to me? Come and kiss me again,deeply and with all the love we once had for eachother. Will you come back to me and save me? Please.Please. You left a woman who loved you more than theworld. I could not see you leave my house; it wouldhave been too hard. That is why I told you to go. ButI didn't want you to go.Please come home to me.Please.
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Some advice dear sister, e-mail someone who cares because they don't know what a freaky mental loser you are. WWW.SAMARITANS.ORG.UK